Guideline & Submissions

Submit your abstract on the following link:

All abstracts must be in English language and should not exceed 250 words. Use Microsoft Word, single line space with font Times New Roman, size 12. Submit your abstract through link mentioned below. The subject line of your document must contain the title of your paper. 

Follow the given template to format your abstract.


Title of Paper

First Author1 and Second Author2

1Position, Organisation

Email: [email protected]

2Position, Organisation

Email: [email protected]

Objectives and Research Questions

Introduce your research followed by objectives/research questions.

Theoretical/Conceptual Background

Provide brief information about the conceptual background of your research.

Provide brief and precise information about research design, sample, research tool, and process of analysis.
Key Findings

Provide brief information about the significant findings of your research.

Conclusions and Implications
Write few lines about the conclusions and implications of your research.

Keywords: provide four to five keywords including one keyword from the session or theme you are presenting __________________________________________________________________________________________