Marketing and Hospitality Management

Track Chair:
Dr. Waseem Hassan,
NUST Business School, [email protected]
Description: Evolution of marketing has stepped in to a completely different paradigm with the introduction and success of Digital Marketing all across the globe. The current COVID-19 situation provided an excellent chance to the businesses to completely shift their marketing activities online. It also encouraged customers and consumers to adopt digital transformation and to learn new methods of shopping. Companies are conducting new researches to explore the digital marketing platforms in more detail. Competition between the online sellers have increased by multiple folds and companies are investing more in digital marketing. Similarly, the pandemic has effected the hospitality industry as worst as possible. Due to ban on travelling, many big players in the industry all around the world suffered huge losses and changed the complete business paradigm for the hospitality industry. This track will explore the benefits and
costs of use of technology in the business field. It invites new ideas and research in the field of marketing and hospitality management. The topic of interest include, but not limited to, marketing, consumer behavior, digital marketing, brand management, product development, advertising, promotions management, distribution management, price management,
segmentation, competitive marketing, social media marketing, digital transformation of marketing, importance of IT in marketing, services marketing, importance of IT in direct marketing, hospitality management, hospitality marketing, sustainability in hospitality management, developments in hospitality industry, and emerging researches in hospitality


Marketing, Consumer Behavior, Digital Marketing, Brand Management, Product Development, Advertising, Promotions Management, Distribution Management, Price Management, Segmentation, Competitive Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Digital Transformation of Marketing, Importance of IT in Marketing, Services Marketing, Importance of IT in Direct Marketing, Hospitality, Hospitality Management, Hotel Management, Sustainability in Hospitality management, developments in hospitality management, emerging researches in hospitality management.