Logistics and Supply Chain

Track Chair:
Dr Mujtaba Hassan Agha, NUST Business School, ([email protected])
Description: The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the challenges faced by the global supply chains in general and reinforced the debate about supply chain resilience in particular. As supply chains all over the world scramble to come to terms with the challenges posed by these unprecedented times, it also provides us an opportunity to address other
contemporary issues faced by the logistics and supply chain managers especially in the emergieconomies of the world. This track invites contributions to disseminate practical ideas and new research related to field of logistics and supply chain. The topics of interest include, but not
limited to, resilient supply chains, supply chain infrastructure development, network design and routing, supply chain risk, sourcing strategies, vendor management, distribution channel management and impact of digitization on supply chains.


Supply chain risk management, supply chain collaboration, resilient supply chains, agile supply chain, supply chain performance, supply chain analytics, supply chain network design, vehicle routing, strategic sourcing, supplier relationship management, supplier selection, multimodal, humainatarian supply chains, supply chains, logistics 4.0, Internet of Things, supply chain analytics.