Labour, Globalization and Economic Development

Track Chair:
Dr. Faisal Abbas,
School of Social Sciences and Humanities (S3H) ([email protected])
Description: Due to on going Covid-19 pandemic across globe, unemployment especially of daily wage workers and employees of private enterprises as well as small buisnesses face immense challenges. On the other hand, as pandemic is global in its impact and trade and globalization process also on halt hence economic growth in general and development prospects in particular are at stake. This condition pose a daunting challenge for developing economies like Pakistan to revisit their Labor market, Globalization and Development policies and prospects, not only to understand the likely impact of the pandemic on economic and social processes as well as on inequality in labor market. In these testing and hard times, countries like Pakistan need to come up with a viable and concrete
management and development policy and plan for short and long run period to help mitigate the adverse impact of on going pandemic and the emerginig economic and labor market challenges. In this backdrop this track will help understand from an economic and development policy as well as global policy lens the challenges that labor market in Pakistan faces. Of note, we are interested to have research papers that address the issues of globalization, and development in Lower middle income countries like Pakistan to deepen our understanding.


Labor markets in Developing economies during and post Covid-19; Labor market and Gender differences; migration and Labor market; Labor market impact on Process of Globalization; Labor issues and Development in Pakistan; Globalization and Economic Development; Unemployment and underdevelopment; Labor issues in private enterprises and small and medium enterprises in the wake of Covid-19; Poverty, inequality and daily wage workers; Trade, globalization and Socio-Economic Development; Post Pandemic economic recovery and Labor market; Covid-19 and its impact on woking women and women enterpreneurs.