Human Resource Management

Track Chair:
Dr. Mumtaz Ali Memon
, NUST Business School ([email protected])
Description: Effective management of human resources is essential for organizations to sustain in this fast-paced business environment. Because of its dynamic nature, human resources management (HRM) is no longer just a back-office function but a strategic function that is responsible for providing a meaningful employee experience. This track invites empirical papers
(qualitative, quantitative, mixed-methods) focusing on different HRM functions, including HRM planning, staffing, learning and development, performance management systems, compensation, career management, occupational safety and health, industrial relations, and issues related to
international HRM.


Recruitment, Selection, Training & Development, Learning & Development, Human Resource Development, Performance Appraisal, Performance Management, Benefits, Rewards, Career Planning, Career Satisfaction, Career Management, Career Development, Job Analysis, Compensation, Collective Bargaining, Labor Unions, Trends in HRM, HRM Metrics, HRM Theories, HRM Models, HRM Outcomes, HRM Antecedents, And Ethical Issues in HRM, and
HR Analytics