Green Energy and Sustainable Finance

Track Chair:
Dr. Usman Zafar,
NUST Business School, ([email protected])
Description: Recent events around the globe including bush fires, tsunamis and drastic earthquakes have proven the global vulnerability to increasingly severe climate change. As a result, thinktanks have been devising policies to face this challenge such as the Paris agreement for climate change and setting up the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). On the same
lines, Pakistan has set up it’s goal in Renewable Energy Policy 2019 act to increase the share of electricity generated from renewable sources to 20% by 2025 and 30% by 2030. Similarly, businesses have also been engaged to meet these targets and fight the climate change through environmental friendly practices and low cafrbon emissions. Sustainable finance also focuses on the social and governance issues other than the environmental aspect. Therefore, relevant papers under this track could focus on renewable energy; sustainable finance; corporate social responsibility (CSR); sustainable investing and sustainable funds; environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance; Green bonds, climate bonds and social bonds; socially
responsible investments; sustainable financial markets and institutions.


Renewable, green, climate, CSR, ESG, pollution, sustainable, carbon emission, climate bonds, environmentally/socially responsible investing, electricity, storage, battery, demand side management, funding for renewable projects