1. Preconference Workshops

WorkshopsRecourse PersonDates
Meta-analysisDr. Tamkeen Ashraf Malik27-28 Dec 2021

2. Preconference Seminars/ Talks

Mental Health and Hyper ColonialismDr. Syed Akhtar Ali
Nov 16 20219am-5 pmS3H Conference Room
Listening with your heart:
Mastering empathy, compassion, and kindness
Dr. Muhammad Zeeshan (Video)Dec 2, 202110am -12:00S3H Conference Room
Sustainable Supply ChainDr. WaqasDec 17, 202110:30-11:00 amS3H Conference Room
Humanitarian Supply Chain ManagementDr. ImranDec 17, 202111:30 am -12:30 pmS3H Conference Room
Conversation beyond band baaja and barat;
understanding marriage in a Pakistani context
Ms. Maryam SohailJan 6, 202210: 00 am -12: 00 pmS3H Conference Room